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Looking to sell your business?

You have worked tirelessly at building your business and now you want to reap the financial rewards for your efforts.  Selling a business is a complex process. Unlike shares of a publicly held company that you can readily sell on the stock market, there is no ‘ready made market’ or exchange to sell a privately held business.

There are a number of ways of determining the range the business should sell for and we can help you determine the proper pricing.

Our team at Numbers Plus Professional Corporation is able to help you come up with right strategy and pricing to help you sell your business.

Looking to buy a business?

You have made the decision to expand through acquisition or you may be stepping into the world of the entrepreneur for the first time.  There are many steps to successfully buy a business. There are many different parties that may be involved from the current owner, landlords, family members, and other key stakeholders.  Trying to analyze the financial information and seeing through the strategy is key to understand exactly what type of business you are buying.  Clarity is key, let Numbers Plus Professional Corporation help you see through the details and understand exactly what is involved.