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Internal Controls are the key to protecting you and your business

Accounting and management internal controls are essential to protect your business, your assets, and ensure your financial statements are based on accurate information.  Whether intentional or purely accidental, internal controls help prevent and detect errors or fraudulent activities; safeguard assets; ensure financial information is accurate and reliable.  Internal controls protect your business, but also provide confidence in your financial reporting.  Strong internal controls help ensure your business is able to continue to operate within a safe environment.

Design, Implementation, and Monitoring

Numbers Plus Professional Corporation can assist your company in analyzing, documenting, designing, implementing or reviewing internal controls for any or all of your accounting functions.  Limiting risk is the essential goal to implement internal control policies and procedures.    Using a professional to help set your internal controls allows you the confidence that they have been designed properly, thoroughly developed, and you are able to leverage the experience of a professional.  With years of experience, Numbers Plus Professional Corporation can develop your internal audit processes.

It is not just enough to have policies and procedures in place, you need to insure that they are being followed.  The demands on the internal auditor are changing as companies strive to enhance governance, manage their risk more effectively, and create a sustainable compliance process.  Conducting internal audits is a time-consuming process and should be left to the experts.  Many companies have elected to outsource their internal audit function, as a cost efficient alternative to internal staffing, or augment their existing staff with outside professionals.  Numbers Plus Ltd.® can assist you by leading an internal audit or by supporting your current financial team to get the audit completed in a timely, professional manner.  Let Numbers Plus Professional Corporation be your internal audit partner.