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Tax Returns for Seniors


Even when someone does not earn any income it usually is a good idea to file a tax return.  This is because if they wish to qualify and receive certain tax credits and/or subsidies they must be up to date with having filed their tax returns.  Often these returns can be more complex than most peoples tax returns due to medical expenses, disabilities, investments and pension related issues.


We are a year round Chartered Professional Accountant firm located in Streetsville (Mississauga) focused on delivering the best possible tax outcome for you, each and every time.  What that means is we provide you with peace of mind.  Out focus on quality means a heavy investment in continuous and ongoing training from some of the best sources in the country, and have an extensive research library.  This means we are well positioned to make sure that all applicable deductions and credits are claimed and you pay the least legal amount of tax.


Often the CRA has a question or two about your return later in the year and we are there to help, and in most cases resolve the query from the CRA before you need to get involved.  This is usually done for no extra fee.  In short, we take the worry out of receiving those brown envelopes the CRA sends out.


When preparing tax returns for seniors, it is important to note that there are a number of areas unique to this group that must be considered.


If you want a quality tax return prepared for you with added piece of mind, give us a call at 289-290-3322 or e-mail us.  Additionally, seniors (65 and over) in many cases qualify for a 15% discount on their Numbers Plus tax return preparation fee.


Our personal income tax questionnaire can help that all documents required for a great tax return.  Just download the PDF and complete as much of it as you can.