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Tax Returns for Students


As a student do I really need to file a tax return?  Although it sounds like one of the chores only for those that are no longer students need to deal with it actually can be a very good thing for a student to do.  For most students, filing a tax return actually means a refund from the government, on average a student will usually get over $1,200 of money back from the government when they file their tax return.  Choose Numbers Plus to file your return so you can take advantage of all the credits and deductions you are entitled to.


We are a year round Chartered Professional Accountant firm located in Streetsville (Mississauga) focused on delivering the best possible tax outcome for you, each and every time.  What that means is we provide you with peace of mind.


Often the CRA has a question or two about your return later in the year and we are there to help, and in most cases resolve the query from the CRA before you need to get involved.  This is usually done for no extra fee.  In short, we take the worry out of receiving those brown envelopes the CRA sends out.


If you want a quality tax return prepared for you with added piece of mind, give us a call at 289-290-3322 or e-mail us.  Additionally, students  in most cases (with a T2202A with at least four full time months of attendance or valid high school id card) qualify for a 15%  discount on their Numbers Plus tax return preparation fee.


Our personal income tax questionnaire can help that all documents required for a great tax return.  Just download the PDF and complete as much of it as you can.