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tax5Make sure you maximize your tax savings

It is going to be difficult to keep the maximum amount of your earnings when you don’t know all the legitimate tax strategies available. Effective personal tax planning focuses on maximizing the funds retained by the taxpayer. Numbers Plus Professional Corporation helps their clients develop sustainable long-term strategies that will help their clients maximize their tax savings.  Numbers Plus® is well versed and up to date with all the current government tax programs available to individuals. Our holistic approach allows us to identify the many different options you may have which may ultimately lower the lifetime liability of your taxes.

This can include various strategies including the effective use of trusts, investment companies, and other tools and vehicles to help you reach your financial goal of tax savings.


Personal Tax Questionnaire



The following excell files may also help you get the most of your tax situation: Medical expenses worksheet, Use of Own Automobile worksheet, Use of Home Office worksheet, Rental Property worksheet, Large Ticket Items worksheet and Self Employed worksheet.