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Helping manage your payroll, ensuring you are keeping focused on your business.

Managing payroll seems as easy as taking the hours worked and multiplying by the hourly rate.  The issue is that there are many liabilities generated by having someone on payroll, which includes payments to the CRA.  The CRA requires payroll taxes to be paid in a timely manner, but there is also WSIB payments, and other taxes that are required.  Not paying your company’s payroll taxes is considered very serious in the eyes of the CRA.  As a result, there are very severe fines that can be charged against your organization.

Managing your payroll taxes can be intimidating, from understanding the CRA rules to putting the time into managing it properly.  Using an expert allows you to have the confidence that your payroll taxes are being filed on-time and correctly.  Protect yourself from fines and penalties by ensuring you have an expert managing your payroll taxes.